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פרוייקט ירושלים 5, שכונת הדר הכרמל, חיפה

Brown House - Ehad Ha'ham 48, Tel Aviv

The Brown House, designed in the 1930s by architect Zaki Shelush in the spirit of the international style, is located in the heart of Tel Aviv, an international Bauhaus center.


At the back of the building is the unique water tower of Tel Aviv, which blends uniquely with the clean rounded lines that characterize the Bauhaus style.


In 2008, we identified the potential of a developing neighborhood and created a prestigious residential building. That building was a pioneer in the neighborhood back then, and today that street junction, considers to be one of  the most prestigious real estate spots in TLV.


The building is carefully maintained according to the values ​​of the Bauhaus, equipped with hand-painted wooden kitchens, unique lighting fixtures and wooden parquet.


The complex covers half a aker and is divided into 3 apartments, with adjoining roofs, courtyards and parking lots.  each floor is 135 sqm, and the penthouse is 200 sqm + roof.

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